20th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2019)
19-22 January 2020
Hong Kong (and Macau), China

Conference Program


Dates: 19-20 January, 2020 (Sunday, Monday)

Venue: 3rd floor, Regal Kowloon Hotel (Conference Hotel)

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19 January, 2020 (Sunday)

Time & Place Tivoli Longchamps Luxembourg


[Ballroom foyer] Registration


[Ballroom] Opening ceremony


[Ballroom] Keynote 1: Future of Computing (Prof. Wei Zhao, American University of Sharjah, UAE)


[Tivoli foyer] Coffee break & demo


[Ballroom] Panel 1: Future Computing meets Future Data Science (organized by Qing Li and Kamal Karlapalem)


[Regal Court] Lunch time


S7. Web-based Applications II

S8. Graph Learning

S9. Entity Linkage and Disambiguation


[Tivoli foyer] Coffee break & demo


S10. Graph Mining

S11. Knowledge Graphs

S12. Machine Learning


Free time


[Paramount Banquet Hall] Reception

20 January, 2020 (Monday)

Time & Place Tivoli Longchamps Luxembourg


[Ballroom] Keynote 2: Test of time award --- Web Database Query Interface Modeling, Construction and Integration (Prof. Weiyi Meng, State University of New York at Binghamton)


[Tivoli foyer] Coffee break


[Ballroom] Panel 2: Analytics with Big Data on Web: Is there any AI? (organized by Kamal Karlapalem)


[Café Allegro] Lunch time


S1. BlockChain and Crowdsourcing

S2. Text Mining

S3. Web-based Applications I


[Tivoli foyer] Coffee break


S4. Deep Learning (90 min.)

S5. Recommender Systems

S6. Data Mining


[Ballroom] Banquet

Tutorial Program


Date: 21 January, 2020 (Tuesday)

Venue: Regal Kowloon Hotel (Conference Hotel)


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Workshop/Forum Program


Date: 22 January, 2020 (Wednesday)

Venue: Macau


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SLIND+: Stable LINk Detection

Ji Zhang, Zhejiang Lab

Tourism Analysis on Graphs with Neo4Tourism

Nicolas Travers, DVRC/ ESILV

NRGQP:A Graph-Based Query Platform For Network Reachability

Wenjie Li, Hunan University

ReInCre: Enhancing Collaborative Filtering Recommendations by Incorporating User Rating Credibility

Jian Yang, Macquarie University / Donghua University

Personalised Drug Prescription for Dental Clinics Using Word Embedding

Wee Goh, University of Southern Queensland


Conference Sessions


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S1. BlockChain and Crowdsourcing

Chair: Haibo Hu

GroExpert: A Novel Group-aware Experts Identification Approach in Crowdsourcing

Qianli Xing, Weiliang Zhao, Jian Yang, Jia Wu, Qi Wang and Mei Wang

Detecting Fraudulent Accounts on Blockchain: A Supervised Approach

Kamil Zbikowski and Michal Ostapowicz

Locking Mechanism for Concurrency Conflicts on Hyperledger Fabric

Lu Xu, Wei Chen, Zhixu Li, Jiajie Xu, An Liu and Lei Zhao

Handling Conditional Queries on Hyperledger Fabric Efficiently

Tianlu Yan, Wei Chen, Pengpeng Zhao, Zhixu Li, An Liu and Lei Zhao


S2. Text Mining

Chair: Yun Ma

Unsupervised Ontology- and Sentiment-aware Review Summarization

Nhat Le, Neal Young and Vagelis Hristidis

Enriching the Context: Methods of Improving the Non-contextual Assessment of Sentence Credibility

Aleksandra Nabozny, Bart-lomiej Balcerzak and Danijel Korzinek

ConceptMap: A Conceptual Approach for Formulating User Preferences in Large Information Spaces

Alireza Tabebordbar, Amin Beheshti and Boualem Benatallah

Helpfulness Prediction for Online Reviews with Explicit Content-rating Interaction

Jiahua Du, Jia Rong, Hua Wang and Yanchun Zhang


S3. Web-Based Applications I

Chair: Man Lung Yiu

Generating an evolving Skills Network from Job Adverts for high-demand Skillset Discovery

Elisa Margareth Sibarani and Simon Scerri

Collaborative Wireframing for Model-Driven Web Engineering

Peter de Lange, Petru Nicolaescu, Mario Rosenstengel and Ralf Klamma

Handling Disagreement in Ontologies-based Reasoning via Argumentation

Said Jabbour, Yue Ma and Badran Raddaoui

A cost-efficient multi-cloud orchestrator for benchmarking containerized web-applications

Devki Nandan Jha, Zhenyu Wen, Yinhao Li, Michael Nee, Maciej Koutny and Rajiv Ranjan


S4. Deep Learning

Chair: Dah Ming Chiu

Dual Path Convolutional Neural Network for Student Performance Prediction

Yuling Ma, Jian Zong, Chaoran Cui, Chunyun Zhang, Qizheng Yang and Yilong Yin

A Case based Deep Neural Network Interpretability Framework and its User Study

Rimmal Nadeem, Huijun Wu, Hye-Young Paik and Chen Wang

Personalized Book Recommendation Based on a Deep Learning Model and Metadata

Yiu-Kai Ng and Urim Jung

DINRec : Deep Interest Network based API Recommendation Approach for Mashup Creation

Yong Xiao, Jianxun Liu, Rong Hu, Yingcheng Cao and Buqing Cao


S5. Recommender Systems

Chair: Xin Wang

Co-purchaser Recommendation Based on Network Embedding

Jihong Chen, Wei Chen, Jinjing Huang, Jinhua Fang, Zhixu Li, An Liu and Lei Zhao

Community-based Recommendations on Twitter: Avoiding The Filter Bubble

Quentin Grossetti, Cedric Du Mouza and Nicolas Travers

Memory-Augmented Attention Network for Sequential Recommendation

Cheng Hu, Peijian He, Chaofeng Sha and Junyu Niu

Multi-head Attentive Social Recommendation

Xu Luo, Chaofeng Sha, Zijing Tan and Junyu Niu

CPL: A Combined Framework of Pointwise Prediction and Learning to Rank for top-N Recommendations with Implicit Feedback

Nengjun Zhu and Jian Cao


S6. Data Mining

Chair: Jianliang Xu

LSCMiner: Efficient Low Support Closed Itemset Mining

Yifeng Lu, Florian Richter and Thomas Seidl

Pattern Filtering Attention for Distant Supervised Relation Extraction via Online Clustering

Min Peng, Qingwen Liao, Weilong Hu, Gang Tian, Hua Wang and Yanchun Zhang

Adaptive Rule Adaptation in Unstructured and Dynamic Environments

Alireza Tabebordbar, Amin Beheshti, Boualem Benatallah and Moshe Chai Barukh

Shadowed authorization policies - A disaster waiting to happen?

Ehtesham Zahoor, Uzma Bibi and Olivier Perrin

RTIM: a Real-Time Influence Maximization Strategy

David Dupuis, Cedric Du Mouza, Nicolas Travers and Gael Chareyron


S7. Web-Based Applications II

Chair: Xin Huang

Highlighting Weasel Sentences for Promoting Critical Information Seeking on the Web

Fumiaki Saito, Shoji Yoshiyuki and Yusuke Yamamoto

A Dynamic Decision-Making Framework Based on Ensemble Methods for Complex Imbalance Data

Dong Chen, Xiao-Jun Wang and Bin Wang

Picture News Collection: A Dataset for Automatic Picture News Thumbnail Selection

Yi-Kun Tang, Heyan Huang, Xuewen Shi and Xian-Ling Mao

A Graph-based Approach to Explore Relationship between Hashtags and Images

Zhiqiang Zhong, Yang Zhang and Jun Pang


S8. Graph Learning

Chair: Nicolas Travers

Context-Aware Temporal Knowledge Graph Embedding

Yu Liu, Wen Hua, Kexuan Xin and Xiaofang Zhou

Semi-Supervised Graph Embedding for Multi-Label Graph Node Classification

Kaisheng Gao, Jing Zhang and Cangqi Zhou

Interaction Graph Neural Network for News Recommendation

Yongye Qian, Pengpeng Zhao, Zhixu Li, Junhua Fang, Lei Zhao, Victor S.Sheng and Zhiming Cui

Structural Role Enhanced Attributed Network Embedding

Zhao Li, Xin Wang, Jianxin Li and Qingpeng Zhang


S9. Entity Linkage and Disambiguation

Chair: Ji Zhang

WebEL: Improving Entity Linking with Extra Web Contexts

Yiting Wang, Zhixu Li, Qiang Yang, Zhigang Chen, An Liu, Guanfeng Liu and Lei Zhao

Bibliographic Name Disambiguation with Graph Convolutional Network

Hao Yan, Hao Peng, Chen Li, Jianxin Li and Lihong Wang

RDF graph anonymization robust to data linkage

Remy Delanaux, Angela Bonifati, Marie-Christine Rousset and Romuald Thion

Entity Disambiguation Based on Parse Tree Neighbours on Graph Attention Network

Kexuan Xin, Wen Hua, Yu Liu and Xiaofang Zhou


S10. Graph Mining

Chair: C. K. Poon

Parameter-Free Structural Diversity Search

Jinbin Huang, Xin Huang, Yuanyuan Zhu and Jianliang Xu

CoreCube: Core Decomposition in Multilayer Graphs

Boge Liu, Fan Zhang, Xuemin Lin and Wenjie Zhang

Computing Maximum Independent Sets over Large Sparse Graphs

Maram Saad M Alsahafy and Lijun Chang

Fast Algorithms for Intimate-Core Group Search in Weighted Graphs

Longxu Sun, Xin Huang, Rong-Hua Li and Jianliang Xu


S11. Knowledge Graphs

Chair: Weijia Jia

Gated Relational Graph Neural Network for Semi-supervised Learning on Knowledge Graphs

Yuyan Chen, Lei Zou and Zongyue Qin

Multiple Interaction Attention Model for Open-World Knowledge Graph Completion

Chenpeng Fu, Zhixu Li, Qiang Yang, Zhigang Chen, Junhua Fang, Pengpeng Zhao and Jiajie Xu

OntoDS: An Ontology-Aware Distributed Storage Scheme for RDF Graphs

Baozhu Liu, Xin Wang, Yajun Yang and Yunpeng Chai

Learning Relational Fractals For Deep Knowledge Graph Embedding In Online Social Networks

Ji Zhang, Leonard Tan, Xiaohui Tao, Dianwei Wang, Josh Jia-Ching Ying and Xin Wang


S12. Machine Learning

Chair: Badran Raddaoui

Learning to fuse multiple semantic aspects from rich texts for stock price prediction

Ning Tang, Yanyan Shen and Junjie Yao

Transfer Learning via Feature Selection based Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Richi Nayak and Chau Yuen

Learning Restricted Deterministic Regular Expression with Counting

Xiaofan Wang

Generating Adversarial Examples by Adversarial Networks for Semi-Supervised Learning

Yun Ma, Xudong Mao, Yangbin Chen and Qing Li